I’m fascinated by nature.  Always have been.  When I moved to the Northwest in the early 90’s I became enamored with the power, beauty and spirit of the land.    It was a visual revelation. 

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer but I also have a logical side.  For me they are equal states that I must balance.  This tension between the imaginative and the factual powers my work.  In my world, the abstract often coincides with realism.  They make each other relevant. 

I often start a painting by focusing on a photograph(s) of a scene, and then using it as a point of departure.   Through the process I look to create controlled accidents that are inspirational and redirect the course.  In this way I circumvent the planned and mimic that which nature does.  

There is a sculptural quality in my pieces that stems from my love of science and geometry.  I am intrigued with creating the illusion of depth.   Most importantly I want to capture the feeling of the moment and the light as I attempt to build powerful dramatic pieces.

Spencer Frazer

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